Connecting to Redshift


I’m new to redash and am trying to test it out from the site but am having trouble: I am trying to connect to a Redshift instance and am getting two error messages depending on the SSL mode:

  • If SSL MODE is prefer, I get “Connection Test Failed: could not send SSL negotiation packet. Resource temporarily unavailable.”
  • If SSL Mode is disable, I get “Connection Test Failed: could not send startup packet. Resource temporarily unavailable.”

I assume the issue is I haven’t added the right IP to my Security Group. I tried

as specified here

I am also on the trial account still and have not downloaded it and am not hosting it anywhere, just using the site. Let me know if I am missing anything obvious. Thanks!

That message usually means the firewall blocked access. Are you sure you set up the security group on the same cluster as your Redshift?

If that doesn’t work try checking with Redash support. There’s a question mark glyph in the menu. Click it and then pick Contact Us.

For anyone else who hits this, that was exactly it – the I.P. was added to the wrong security group. Whoops!

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for following up :smiley: