Connection Test Failed for newly added database: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘test_connection’

I’m trying to connect to new database instance which is not available in Redash Datasource. I am able to add new datasource in Redash but after adding the Details (host,port,user,pwd), I am not able to connect with the newly added database.

I am getting below error
‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘test_connection’

Can you clarify what you mean here?

  1. What database are you connecting to?
  2. How did you install Redash?

I am connecting to Firebolt database.

  1. How did you install Redash?

I see. This thread is a duplicate of How to connect to Redash in Docker installation in Mac then.

(reopened this thread)

It looks like you wrote a query runner for Firebolt. Is that correct? If so, how was this query_runner installed. It seems the issue is the backend isn’t getting the query_runner object. It gets NoneType instead. So when it called query_runner.test_connection it fails because NoneType doesn’t have that attribute.

Yes, I wrote query runner for firebolt.
What do you mean by installing the query runner? - We just added file in query_runner folder.
How can we return the query runner object in the backend?

Additional Details: -
Also installed firebolt package in redash.

Did you add your new query runner to the list of defaults in

Check out this guide on adding a new query runner: Creating a new query runner (data source) in Redash

I have added new Query Runner but still having the same NoneType issue while testing connection.

But now I am getting different error - Connection Test Failed: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

Please help us to figure out the issue.


I am able to connect with datasource but now, I am getting schema error.

Schema refresh failed - Please try again later.

Without more information about the query runner you wrote we won’t be able to assist debugging this. Have you posted your query runner code to github or similar?