Contractor Wanted for Data Visualization Projects Leveraging Redash

Hi there,

I own a marketing attribution company. We help companies figure out what’s working in their marketing, then recommend what to do next to drive up sales.

We’re looking to use redash to visualize several client projects - from reporting dashboards to the examination 10M’s of prices - and looking for an experienced redash developer to do it. First for contract work, then a full time position if you enjoy the work and fit with our culture.

If you’re interested please message me.

If this is not the appropriate place for a post like this please let me know.

Thanks for your time and interest!


Hi @aaronvidas,

Justin Butlion from ProjectBI will be able to help you with this project. Send him an email with some details: justin at

Also, I would personally like to hear a bit about your data infrastructure, if you don’t mind sharing. You can reach me at arik at


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