Convert timestamp to date with mongodb

I’m trying to convert the date of my database which is in timestamp format in the request by using humanTime.
but it shows me the date and time of my machine.
you can help me to convert timestamp to date with redash.

“$project”: {
“createdAt”: {
“$toDate”: {
“$toLong”: “$createdAt”

It doesn’t look like you’re using $humanTime in that query. Look at this post from August. It has examples that seem related to your use case.

"collection": "test_collection",
"aggregate": [
	"$project": {
		"sexe": "$sexe",
		"nom": "$nom",
		"prenom": "$prenom",
		"date de creation::multi-filter":{"$humanTime":"$createdAt"}


if I execute this request ,instead of having the date of my database converted ,it will display the date of my local machine and time.
I had to use the first request with mongodb’s “toDate” function to convert timestamp.
what do you think about ?