Counter 2 Diagram


Why was Counter 2 (the one with percentage change) removed in the new version?


We didn’t remove anything. Can you elaborate on what you’re referring to?


in Redash 4.0… there were 2 types of Counters: the 1st -
Counter1 - with absolute values, so counter value (either green or
red) above target value in brackets and the 2nd - Counter2 - with
percentage change of counter value compared to target value.

  I had lots of dashboards with Counter2 type. After I had upgraded

to Redash 6.0… all Counter2 dashboards became blank.

  I even can't choose Counter2 type for visualization if I want to

make a new one. Though this type still can be seen in the list of
existing visualizations (see the screenshots below).

Thank you


We never had a visualization named “Counter2”. Moreover, we would never add something to the product named in such a way.

It’s more likely that it was a patch someone applied to your local setup and hence it was overridden when deploying upstream version.


this is more likely a reason. I should have asked our BI dept first.
Thank you


Forgot to ask: do you want to think about the ability to change
the view for Counter, like for example somewhere in the settings
to choose which counter type (with absolute change or percentage
change) to use?

Thank you!


In general, it sounds like a nice addition. But we don’t have any immediate plans to implement this.