Create or replace table on BigQuery?

Is there a way to create or replace a table on BigQuery from redash?

Redash is built for SELECT queries. It’s not intended for this at all so proceed at your own risk. Your query text is sent to BQ, though, so maybe it can work?

Here’s the code that sends the query to BQ: redash/ at 46e97a08cc90c4c8e4e35ae21fe9bf5eb17a00d2 · getredash/redash · GitHub

Understood, thanks.
The underlying motivation is that there are visualizations* and layouts on Google Data Studio (GDS) that aren’t (yet) supported on redash, so we would use redash to update views on BQ, which would then power a GDS dashboard.

*For example, horizontal bar charts, which I know has been a popular request :slight_smile:

Redash is the wrong tool for this. You need a proper SQL box with support for full CRUD.

Redash simply doesn’t have any of the scaffolding necessary for any significant non-select queries. It won’t display any server messages or fail gracefully.