Creating a pie chart

I feel like I must be misunderstanding something. I’m trying to create a pie chart based on the data shown in the screenshot - specifically the backend_response_code.

But pie charts, as far as I understand them, don’t have two axises. What do I choose for x-axis and y-axis when creating the visualization?

Welcome to the forum. When you set axes for a pie chart: whatever you put on the x-axis will appear in the legend. Whatever you put on the y-axis will make up the pie.

The table you screenshotted can’t make a pie chart because it hasn’t been aggregated and therefore has duplicate row values. Assuming you want to visualize the percentage of 200 responses, you should rewrite your query to return something like this:

Code Count
200 61
401 9
404 3
500 1

With code on the x-axis and count on the y-axis, the output looks like this: