Creation of custom charts

Hi all

We are working on the development & implementation of a robust tool to create dashboards in my company-small startup. We are in the initial step wherein we want to do a landscape analysis to decide if there exist libraries that allows us to create dynamic dashboards for health care professionals; like apache superset, rehash, metabase, tableau, etc.

I have seen a brief introduction of Redash and I was very impressive. However, the main decision point to adopt one framework for constructing dashboards in the company is that the final selected tool must be extensible, specifically we want to add custom/complicated charts for the medical doctors. So, here are some few questions:

1- Let’s us say we want to add a custom line chart where each line are percentile curves. Is possible to do this in Redash?

2- Let’s us say we want to add a custom chart that currently is not supported by deafult in Redash? Is possible to add custom charts? How? Is possible to use directly Plotly-Python or it is restricted to use JavaScript?

3- What is the performance of Redash when we work with big data? Any performance study on this topic?

Best regards