CSV data source error

I recently migrated from redash.io to my own Dockerized hosted Redash instance.

The Dropbox CSV opens perfectly fine on redash.io, but I get the following error when I run it via my Dockerized instance: Error running query: **Error reading . Invalid URL '': No schema supplied. Perhaps you meant http://?**

Any tips?

The syntax is different on OSS.

# app.redash.io syntax

# OSS Syntax
url: https://www.website.com/path/to/file.csv

There’s a command in the redash-migrate tool that fixes these automatically :smiley:

Thank you so much Jessie!

Unfortunately the CSV URL queries weren’t translated correctly using redash-migrate queries. Is there another command you’re referencing? These are all the ones I see:

You need to upgrade your redash-toolbelt instance to 0.1.7 or later. Then you’ll have it.