CSV file datasource

Hi evey one,

I would like to know how can we import a csv file or excel in redach v10.

I appreciate your feedback.


Have you tried using the Excel / CSV data source?

I only have this ( see image attached) but I did not understand the mode of operation because there is not

the option to import from our local

Redash doesn’t support file uploads. To use the CSV query runner you will need to supply a url where the file can be reached.

Hi Jesse,
To import a csv file in redash, I only put the url without the user agent key and apparently it worked well
On the other hand for the user agent key I did not understand its usefulness, can you please explain to me why we use it ?

You sometimes need a custom user agent string to not be blocked from accessing a resource. If you don’t set one in your query with the user-agent key, Redash will send the default UA string for requests.

This article explains it well:

Why should you use a user agent?

When you are web scraping, sometimes you will find that the webserver blocks certain user agents. This is mostly because it identifies the origin as a bot, and certain websites don’t allow bot crawlers or scrapers. More sophisticated websites do this the other way around, i.e., they only allow user agents they think are valid to perform crawling jobs. The really sophisticated ones check that the browser behavior actually matches the user agent you claim.

You may think that the correct solution would be to not include a user agent in your requests. However, this causes tools to use a default UA. In many cases, the destination web server has it blacklisted and blocks it.

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