CSV / XLS export timing out?

The export to csv/xls works fine unless I am exporting a very large file which produces a 502 error. I am assuming that it is just timing out. Is there an env variable that I need to change? I can’t find anything on this forum about this issue.


It also happens to me when I tried to export very large file to XLS. But it always works fine if I export to CSV. I am using hosted Redash.

My guess is that we have the same issue just that your csv file that is successfully downloading is small enough to download.

Hi, @dribble

Did you check Gunicorn’s configurations?
I guess it’s one of the reason why you stuck by 502 error.

Here is the my blog entry.
(But it’s written in Japanese but I guess you can understand with Google Translate :wink:



Very nice!


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Thank you so much @ariarijp!

This solved our 502 issue regarding large xlsx files!

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