Custom Code Colors for data points

Can you create the ability for coders to specify what colors they want data points to be within SQL? That way whole categories of data can be certain colors on a map or graph.

That’s an interesting idea. The current approach in Redash is still a bit limited for specifying colours. There is an initial GitHub issue collecting various related threads about this here:

Do you have a GitHub account? Just thinking it would be optimal to add the idea there (allow changing colours via SQL).

Query parameters can be retrieved using a query, so it might be possible to do something similar for retrieving colours, or a colour set. :smile:

Hi @justinclift ! I do have a GitHub. My user is lydia-wu. This is me:

Please let me know how I can help. This would be a great feature to have.

P.S. I currently run Redash 5.0.2.

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Cool. :smile:

It turns out I was misunderstanding the right place to discuss new features, that don’t yet have code to implement them. The right place to discuss those is here after all instead of GitHub. :wink:

That being said, are you any good with Python (which the server side of Redash is written in), or ok to learn it?

From your LinkedIn profile, it mentions math, computer science, and computer engineering among others. Python is fairly widely used in those areas anyway, so it might be good fit? :smile: