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Is it possible to completely detach UI (frontend) with redash backend & hosted on different server, may be UI will be used as static hosting like AWS S3 & backend on AWS EC machines

we are planning to use redash as rest service with our custom UI (which will be built on top of redash current UI)

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 8
  • Browser/OS: cent
  • How did you install Redash: Docker

I think so, yes. Redash consists of a few stateless services. The front-end and the API are both served by the same box and I don’t know an easy way to disentangle them. But you could modify the NGINX routing rules to prevent any calls except to /api. Then add your own service for the new front end.


So i tried some of my luck to detangle the same. The server-rendered pages like login is present, as per our requirement we might need to have out own custom design for those too.

So i have 2 option ,

  1. Use User API to get these working (is their any documentation for same to handle server side rendering)
  2. tweaks design change through CSS and use server side rendering pages as it is.

Any body tries any thing like this before with redash