Custom options for Date/Date Range dynamic values

Following this implementation, available from Redash v8, a second part for the feature is to provide a way of creating custom date/date ranges.

As some people are already missing more options (e.g: this support topic), Iā€™m opening this so we can start a discussion and perhaps provide some mockups for this feature :slight_smile:

So far what I have in mind is a Dialog that will allow people to choose values and make the Dropdown show the History options (the last 5 used values, for example).

I like this. It would be nice to have some organization-level defaults.

Iā€™d really like to see a last x days option in the smart date range. For now I have added a pull request which will make some more common selections from such a filter available.

Until this more elegant solution is worked out, it would be really helpful for us to have the quick and dirty fix of more drop down options merged for the next release.

Is that possible, or should this feature also be finished by the time the next release rolls around?

You mean the ability to specify X when picking this option?

Yes, exactly.

I believe it was mentioned already by @gabrieldutra elsewhere, but I wanted to make sure the idea is included in the discussion. It should be a more elegant solution than the last 14, 30, 60 and 90 days that I proposed in my pull request.

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