hi guys,

how to change percent Y value to number?
and if data null how to display pie chart?

I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you share an example of what you want the chart to look like?

hi @k4s1m i mean not percentage but original value Y

This isn’t how plotly works. In all of their examples the percentage is shown. The absolute value is shown on hover:

I think the same is true for Redash.

@k4s1m yes i wont display 55 not 55% its possible?

Not in Redash. There’s probably a way to make Plotly do this, but it hasn’t been implemented in Redash as far as I can see. It seems quite a bit outside the standard use case of Plotly, also. You could probably implement the feature yourself if absolutely needed. Although I’m not skilled with the visualization code.