Custom tool-tip in the heat map

I use the heat map to highlight areas of a physical warehouse that are experiencing high demand. Currently when you hover over the data points the captions are for x:, y: and z:. I can’t see an option to title those captions - i.e. x would be “Aisle:” and Y would be “Bay;”.

Can I hack something to make this do what I want? If so, where do I look in the code base?



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Can’t figure out how to edit the post, so here’s my update.

A quick hack to client/app/visualizations/chart/plotly/prepareHeatmapData.js adding the text: property to the plotlySeries object and hoverinfo: ‘text’.

Then, after looping through the options.columnMapping to get the column names you have to progressivly populate the text object inside the nested x/y loop.

So now it looks better because the tool tip actually says something like “Aisle: D Bay: 12 Picks 433” which is a bit more of a friendly default.

What would be really useful would be to specify an “info” column and pass it along to the prepareSeries function, because we could then have a product code or a url(??) etc.

Keen to do a pull request at some point…