Customize Alert Body


Currently the body of an alert is hard-coded per destination. E.g. in email notifications, every alert says Check <a href="{host}/alerts/{alert_id}">alert</a> / check <a href="{host}/queries/{query_id}">query</a>. and in Slack notifications, every alert says + " just triggered". This is fine if you just want to know something happened, but it would be nice to also get details on why or how it happened, or what to do about it. I propose to do this by adding an optional “Alert Body” field to the alert edit screen. And when this field is non-empty, use it instead of the destination’s default template, calling .format() on it, and passing in all relevant variables (host, alert ID, query ID, maybe also current result values?).


I would agree, for me I would like to be able to put in the graph or the table directly into the body


Thumbs up! also think it is a nice feature.


has there been any updates? I cannot find a way to change the message in the documentation


… any update, please?


This pull request: implements this. You can follow it to get updates.