Customize grid visualisation editor "rows per page" setting


Currently the table grid visualisation defaults to 10 and has an upper limit bound of 25.

When working with larger datasets this is particularly painful. Paging through even a few hundred rows looking for an anomaly in data is not a fun time.

We suggest making this configurable via two variables similar to what has been implemented by the mighty Japanese Redash Meetup.

The query pull request is here:
I would expect that to be just the same but focusing on the table visualisation.

A similar request has had many many views, so I suspect this frustration is common.


Hi :wave:

What version of Redash are you using?

Recent versions have additional options there:



Second - Is it configurable?
Third - We are just getting v6.0 up on docker. Thats how we found the query pages upgrade. As we wanted to see what config was available.
Fourth - THANK YOU