Customize Redash code

I have hosted redash ami in AWS. I want to know the path where all the source code is. Basically I am trying to customize certain features and looking to find source code.

Have you explored the / root directory in your instance?

Thanks for your reply. I checked the directory. source code is not available.

Will AWS have source code or compiled code. Basically trying to understand if i can edit the code directly in server. I used delivered images from redash installation.

I don’t know that off-hand. @arikfr can you see the above question?

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Patching redash with the new system of docker is significantly more complex than before. If you don’t need v8 features, one option is to move back to v7 pre-docker.

If you do need v8 features or don’t mind the extra work, you have a couple of options:

  1. Download source code and build your own docker images. You’ll have access to the source code. Down side is that you have to learn extensively how to manage docker / etc. This is a big hassle if all you’re trying to do is a simple patch of this or that.

  2. Directly patch the downloaded docker instances. AWS AMI docker images have 2 code locations, they are both located in /var/lib/docker/overlay2.

They are locate-able because they have a “Dockerfile” file and “diff” in the path.

For example:


Within those paths, there are all relevant files you can edit.

I recommend that you copy the file you want to edit, and modify the file in both locations.

here’s a simple bash script to find and patch, for example, modifications to the or files and copy them to the correct place:


patharray=$(find /var/lib/docker/overlay2 -maxdepth 4 |grep Dockerfile |grep diff |cut -d '/' -f 6)

for dir in ${patharray[*]}; do
cp /var/lib/docker/overlay2/$dir/diff/app/redash/query_runner/
cp /var/lib/docker/overlay2/$dir/diff/app/redash/query_runner/

docker restart redash_server_1
docker restart redash_adhoc_worker_1

I am sure a dev on the project can probably indicate a much better way to do this, but there is really no documentation for how to do this and you are probably, like me, just looking for cheap and fast.

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