Dashboard fails to load with: It seems like we encountered an error

When loading some dashboards with Firefox on macOS. just before the dashboard is fully loaded, I get the following error message:

It seems like we encountered an error. Try refreshing this page or contact your administrator.

However, when loading the same dashboard with Chrome (version 104.0), it loads with no issues.

These are the errors I see when I inspect redash with firefox:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: e.emit is not a function
    W plot_api.js:1901
    promise callback*W plot_api.js:1900
    setZoomEnabled initChart.js:121
    m initChart.js:87
    p PlotlyChart.js:90
    React 13
    j useDashboard.js:112
    j useDashboard.js:110
    onLoad DashboardGrid.jsx:51
    componentDidMount VisualizationWidget.jsx:249
    React 13
    bh DashboardPage.jsx:179
    promise callback*1865/bh/< DashboardPage.jsx:177
    React 7


DOMException: The operation is insecure. ErrorMessage.jsx:41:10
    et ErrorMessage.jsx:41
    React 12
    j useDashboard.js:112
    j useDashboard.js:110
    r useDashboard.js:132
    C useDashboard.js:132
    Jp useDashboard.js:205
    React 13
    bh DashboardPage.jsx:179
    (Async: promise callback)
    bh DashboardPage.jsx:177
    React 13
    Mr routeWithUserSession.tsx:35
    (Async: promise callback)
    Mr routeWithUserSession.tsx:33
    React 9
    Webpack 14

Set up details:

  • Redash Version: 10.0.0
  • Browser/OS: Firefox (version 103.0.2) on macOS Monterey (version 12.0.1)
  • How did you install Redash: Helm Chart version 3.0.0