Dashboard filters have no effect


I have now dashboard filters enabled for a dashboard, but whatever I select in this overall filter does not have any effect on the widgets added to this dashboard.
I also tried adding the widgets after the filter was enabled, but also this did not have any effect.
What am I doing wrong?

Running on Re:dash 0.12.0+b2388

It seems that there is a bug, when queries within a dashboard with dashboard filters include parameters. I have opened an issue on github.

Global filters don't work if there're global parameters on the dashboard

It doesn’t affect any of them or just some?


No, it doesn’t affect any of them.



I see these queries have parameters along with the filters. This might be the issue. Can you try creating a dashboard with filters but without parameters to see if it works?


Yes, that worked. So it seems that when you have parameters included, then the dashboard filters do not work.