Dashboard Filters Reset On Data Refresh


Hey everyone,

I’ve built out a dashboard to visualize some data for our regional teams. I’ve added a city level filter to the widgets and applied it as the dashboard level filter. For real time data tracking, we have it set to refresh every 5 minutes but upon refresh, the selected filter resets to the top of the list and the desired city needs to be selected again.

Might be a simple question, but is it possible to keep all cities as options but to keep the selected city as the filter upon data refresh?

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help and input.


It’s not documented, but it’s possible to pass a value to the filter from the URL. Here’s an example:

If you just go to https://demo.redash.io/dashboard/filter-url-example, it will open with the filter value set to Day. But if you go to https://demo.redash.io/dashboard/filter-url-example?Timeframe::filter=Week, it will open with Week as the filter value. This also applies when doing a refresh.

It’s a bit of manual work to craft the URLs, but then it will persist.


Oh great. This works well enough. Thanks Arikfr!