Dashboard Javascript Error

I’ve got a dashboard that was working up until Friday afternoon, 7/8/22.

I was editing a textbox and midway through the edit screen closed out and my entire dashboard was replaced with an error message this.processBlock is not a function.

I see no way to revert my changes to the prior iteration of the dashboard and from what is available on the frontend it looks like this dashboard is completely lost.

The only hunch I have is that I exceeded a character limit for the dashboard/textbox but I have nothing to back that up.

Any help / troubleshooting on this would be appreciated.

Sorry to hear about this, that sounds very frustrating. I don’t have context for this precise error. But I’m happy to help you debug it:

it looks like this dashboard is completely lost

Do you mean that it no longer appears on the Dashboard list screen? Or does it appear but raises an error when you click it?

The only hunch I have is that I exceeded a character limit

That’s possible. How many characters do you estimate this text-box contained? Proceeding from this assumption, I’m surprised it would make the dashboard unreachable. Because text-box changes aren’t committed to Redash’s database until press “Save”. If this.processBlock is not a function appeared before you could press Save, then the change would not be committed. That means you would be able to open the dashboard again.

Does anything else appear not to be working? Do you have access to the server that runs Redash? How was Redash installed?

It could be useful to see the output of docker-compose logs and docker-compose ps. The first command should reveal if any backend exceptions were thrown. The second command will show that all of your containers are up and functioning properly.

Hi Jesse!

Appreciate the response.

My Data Platform team was able to recover the raw data at least which made remaking the dashboard a breeze.

To answer your questions: The dashboard appears on the list screen, but raised an error when clicked every time.

Our internal hunch now is that it was relating to a lengthy URL because of # of parameters. I’ve encountered other errors related to this in the past, but not this specific one.

I’ve recreated the dashboard exactly (as best I could) and everything is running smooth so I’m a little stumped on what happened. For sake of learning, I’m going to try to recreate and break it again and will post an update if I can do so.

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