Dashboard - maximizing screen real estate

Disclaimer: I am very new to redash, so some of these things might already be possible - so please bear with me and please do point out already existing solutions :slight_smile:

I do need to fit a fairly large amount of information onto a single page and I am struggling to make it all fit, some suggestions that would make this task easier:

  • more horizontal / vertical grids lines (so I can make sure I don’t have empty space within a widget)
  • ability to just link the widget level ‘refresh’ buttons to the dashboard ‘refresh’ (similar to parameters) and then hide the widget refresh from the user (and/or put it into the right hand 3 button menu) - I typically want all the data on a dashboard in sync anyways
  • ability to hide the widget titles (in my case its fairly obvious what the data illustrates, no need to waste that space)
  • ability to control the spacing / padding between widgets
  • ability to control the padding around the control elements in the filters, around the data in the widgets
  • more control over dashboard level filters, by default they take up a big bar at the top of my page - even with a single filter I already loose 10% of my screen; creating a dedicated position-able widget like in superset or kibana would be nice
  • ability to control font size used in widgets (especially useful for tables)


Adding to this…

  1. Ability to adjust how many ROWS to display for each table widget
  2. Ability to move PARAMETER selector bars to move with their respective widget
  3. Dashboard-level parameter bars, where it displays all relevant parameters from each table presented; and allow user to choose which parameter boxes to display
  4. Ability for user to link like-paramters within each widget, so that a “master parameter” can change all similar fields for each widget.