I think this is a misconfiguration problem, but I’m a bit confused…

I have a set of queries that take a customer id parameter, which are assembled into a dashboard that changes based on which customer ID is passed in.

Everything works fine if I manually run the queries with a specific customer ID, then switch them back to taking {{ customer_id }}.

However, if at the dashboard level, I switch to a customer ID where I haven’t previously run the query, then the query results are empty.

Neither the dashboard nor the query has auto-refresh enabled.

I suspect I need to configure a refresh or cache reset param somewhere, but I’m not sure where. Any suggestions?

Actually, this turned out to be a problem with my database permissions. I’d reset my schema and forgot I needed to reset the Redash user to have access permisions on the new schema (if you create a readonly user in postgres, it has to be reset every time the schema is dropped/recreated).

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