Dashboard parameters not working on public link

Hello, we have a dashboard which is iframed into a site. When testing parameters on the public link of the dashboard the parameters don’t update the queries. Does anyone know how this can be corrected? The parameters work correctly when I use them within Redash. I have included two screen shots of the dashboard that updates and the public one that is not.

This is an example of the query
sum(events) AS “Number of Events”,
count(distinct site_name) AS “Number of Active Sites”
from table
ts >= ‘{{ myDate.start }}’ AND
ts <= ‘{{ myDate.end }}’ AND
(’{{ site }}’ = ‘ALL’ OR site_name = ‘{{ site }}’) AND
(’{{ oem }}’ = ‘ALL’ OR oem_pg = ‘{{ oem }}’)

Depending on your version of Redash that’s expected behavior.

V7 and previous: parameters don’t work on public dashboards.
V8 and newer: parameters work on public dashboards, except text-type parameters which do not work.


We are using version: 8.0.0+b32245 (a16f551e). So this means the parameter should work on the public dashboard, correct? How do I fix them?

thanks so much