Dashboard sharing link doesn't work well


I have a problem with the sharing of dashboards.
I noticed that with the shared Dashboard, the filters of the graphs do not work well so that when changing the values ​​of the filter, some graphs appear empty and do not reload, then in non-shared Dashboard everything works fine

Please, I need your help because I have to send the dashboard to the client.

There’s not enough information in this description for us to help. Can you provide more detail about what exactly doesn’t work?

What kind of parameters are these? Are they text parameters? Dropdown list parameters? Do you see any errors in your browser console?

The parameters are of the query based dropen list type, normally everything works fine with this filter.

Just in terms of sharing the link of dashboard, when I change the weeks, it doesn’t give me the results.

So when I’m in the unshared redash dashboard, everything looks fine.

Between your two screenshots the parameter value is different. What happens on the public dashboard when you set its parameter the same as the non-public?

with the non-public dashboard , everything works fine, the counters give me the evolution of the metrics during each week parameter change but with the public dashboard there is a bug, in the redash software

I’m sorry that doesn’t answer my question. What exactly doesn’t work? You haven’t given any information that points to a bug.

I’ll reiterate my question:


When I change pramatre with the public dashboard, it does not give me the graphs that correspond to the week chosen from the parameter (query based dropen list). The counters it keeps loading when i change the filters but gives anything. lately , i noticed that when we just refresh the page , the filter is applied and loaded.

I think that the graph only updates after selecting a parameter when we jsut refresh the whole page.

this issue only exists with the public Dashboard link .