Dashboard showing wrong cached results for some queries


I have a dashboard with query parameters that has several queries, however said parameters are not shared by all queries. Some use all of them, some use only a subset.

Anyway, the issue I’m encountering, is that for some queries, even after refreshing the dashboard, the cached result is not updated:

I click “refresh”, then visit any other page in redash, go back to my dashboard and I have 7 queries that say “updated: just now”, and 3 that say “updated: 4 hours ago”.

No matter how many times I click refresh, those 3 queries retain their old value even if it’s wrong. I haven’t managed to find a solution nor a culprit to this problem.

Any help is much appreciated.

Strange. Is this a public dashboard you’re visiting?

No, it’s mine, hosted on redash cloud.

I fixed the problem by opening those specific queries, making a random change, saving, then reverting the change and saving them.

I can confirm that it happened again when I changed the default for one of the query parameters. In the specific case it was the date range parameter, which I moved from “last 60 days” to “last 30 days”.

Queries would actually refresh, but the value shown on the dashboard for some of them was still the old cached one with 60 days of data.

I had to manually go and save them one by one to fix it once more.