Dashboard that always autorefreshes

We have redash dashboards on TV screens hung on the walls, and want them to autorefresh every 5 minutes. However, when the dashboard opens, the autorefresh is always disabled, and someone needs to find a wireless mouse to manually enable the autorefresh - after every reboot (and there’s a lot of Windows 10 reboots), several times a week.

This is super annoying. Surely there is a way to load the dashboard with autorefresh already pre-enabled? How to achieve this? Thanks!

Welcome to the forum. You can enable auto refresh on page load via the query string. Just tack ?refresh=300 onto your dashboard URL.

The allowed refresh intervals are expressed in seconds: 60,300,600,1800,3600,43200,86400

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Thanks for the tip, that’s awesome!

Wish the URL would automatically update when autorefresh is selected in the dashboard so that it persists by itself.

Yes, we’ll add this feature. For now, the setting will persist while the tab is open. If you include the query string in your bookmark you shouldn’t need the keyboard and mouse.

There is an open issue on Github about persisting the dashboard refresh schedule between requests. I added info about the refresh query string variable to the relevant page in our docs.