I’m attempting to make a dashboard where all of the charts can be filtered to a specific date range simultaneously. I’m aware of the ::filter and ::multi-filter functionality, but this seems to only allow a user to choose specific dates, and not a range. I’d like to be able to essentially use the kind of {{start date}} {{end date}} functionality that’s found in parameters (and which even includes a date picker) but dashboard wide.

Is there a way to do this that I’m missing, as enabling dashboard-wide filters doesn’t seem to encompass parameters?



You could probably try the new global parameters: Add: global parameters for dashboards by rockwotj · Pull Request #1504 · getredash/redash · GitHub When setting the parameter in the query editor just toggle “Global” (see attached image).

Thank you for pointing this out!

It looks like it got added to master the day after we set up our Redash instance.

WIll update and give it a shot!

Although this is a little old message I came across the same problem only in another requirement,
There is an option to make a filter of time window in embeds or shared dashboards.
I’ll be glad to receive your help