Data Label are wrong - multiFilter


I’m experiencing serious issues regarding data labels when including multiFilters. Data labels seem completely incorrect when applying one and selecting several options. It’s very strange and is currently the only reason why I’m analyzing on dropping redash. Don’t find the logic behind the error.

Please find an image below . Anyone else experiencing a similar issue? Am I doing something wrong?


I’m guessing this happens because your query returns more than one y-value for each x-value. So the visualization as a whole reflects the correct proportion (41.4%). But the data label pulls the first piece of data it sees (.09%). If the query returns exactly one y-value for each x-value, then these numbers will be the same and everything looks normal. But here you’ve found a difference.

The fix is to write your query so that it aggregates the totals for you (probably with a SUM function) and then group by the Country and Store values.