Database Schema is not loading


we have deployed Redash in Kubernetes cluster by using contrib-helm-chart - GitHub - getredash/contrib-helm-chart: Community maintained Redash Helm Chart.

Everything works fine but the schema is not getting loaded. Please see the screenshot for reference:

Please suggest.

Thank you!

Do you see an errors in your Redash logs?
Did you specify any Schemas to load metadata for in your data source setup screen?

I don’t see any errors. Also , I don’t get an option on the setup screen to add the schemas.

The latest version of the Databricks query runner lets you specify which Schemas to load metadata for. It looks like contrib-helm-chart hasn’t been updated with this query_runner though :confused:

Do you see any errors in your logs?

Could you tell if changing anything in helm-chart lets me specify the schema?

I looked at redash container logs but i don’t see any errors there.All I see in the logs is -
[2021-07-26 04:19:36,993][PID:18903][INFO][metrics] method=GET path=/ping endpoint=redash_ping status=200 content_type=text/html; charset=utf-8 content_length=5 duration=0.21 query_count=0 query_duration=0.00


Unfortunately we don’t have any specific information about contrib-helm-chart. It’s not maintained by the core Redash team. In general, however, the query runners are versioned alongside the application. So if contrib-helm-chart is still using an old version of the Databricks query runner, you will need to upgrade the Redash version to incorporate the new query runner.

I also faced the same issue recently in our system in redash v9 beta.

@jesse i actually used the redash beta v10 in the hem chart configuration . I can see the changes in UI with the new version but it didnt incorporate the query runny changes i guess. That’s why i don’t get to mention the schema while adding a data source.