DataDirect ODBC Compatibility

I didn’t see it explicitly listed, but I’m wondering: can a DataDirect ODBC data source be configured to work with redash?


What’s your use case for this? It seems from the Data Direct marketing pages that their product behaves much like Redash’s query runners. Why would you prefer DataDirect over what Redash already supports?

That said, query runners are relatively simple to implement. Here’s a related post from elsewhere on the forum. If there is a target database we don’t support, we’d welcome a pull request adding support.

Hello and thanks for your response. The use case here is access to Plex ERP, and their documented method is via the DataDirect ODBC driver.

A little more info: DataDirect is used to query Plex ERP in the cloud.

Would I add this request in the “Feature Request” area of the Forum?

Looking through, I don’t see an open source connector for Data Direct. It looks like they require their own ODBC driver to be installed on the host system. This is similar to how our Oracle connection works, however.

You are welcome to open a pull request adding this functionality. But this isn’t something we can add ourselves because we don’t have a Plex ERP instance to test against.

Another possible option: if Plex ERP exposes a JSON REST API you could potentially query data using our JSON Data Source. I’ve worked with a number of ERP systems that did make an API available in this way.