Date Range Parameter Format


Is there a way to change the format of the date? I want to change it from dd-mm-yyyy to mm-dd-yyyy


You can configure the default (global) data format under Settings (icon in upper left-hand corner) -> Settings (tab) -> General -> Date Format. Or just edit the URL to having just “/settings/organization” after the http://sitename:[port] part of the URL.

You can also specify the presentation format for not only for dates but all data types on a per-column basiss. While editing a query, click on the “Edit Visualization” button below the data results being displayed.

I think though you may be asking about dates as an input parameter rather than their output. I would think that changing the global default would also determine the input format for dates throughout the system. Or perhaps the column-level format defines that, or both.

If you are asking about the format of input parameters, it might help if you gave an example of where you want that input format to be different (e.g., a parameter input field for a parameterized visualization?).