Default Date to be Present Date

Hello. Is it possible for you to make the default date for a graph that has data parameters to always be the current date?

That way, when a user opens up a public dashboard, it is already up to date, and then the user can manipulate it afterward.

This isn’t currently possible. But once parameters with default values are implemented, we should be able to have some custom functions like “today’s date” or “the last three weeks” as preset options.

Currently you can set a Default on Parameter’s settings for when the field is blank:


A more robust feature for that as @susodapop mentioned happens to be under development :). As soon as I have a playable preview I’ll share it for feedback (it’s mapped in #3009).

Hi! Any update on this that I can see? Looking forward to this more robust feature :slight_smile:

Yes! It landed in master 2w ago and it’s amazing :star_struck:
Available on the next stable release v8 (already available on the hosted platform).

Hi @lydia-wu, sorry for not sending this earlier :sweat_smile:.

As @ranbena mentioned it’s already in the hosted platform and will soon be available in Redash v8. If you want, you can test the feature here: :grin: