Default value for query filter

Hi fellow Redashers!

So a simple question really. Is this possible? Setting a default value for a query filter? I know filters start with the first value in the column. But is it possible to set a default value?


This is not possible at the moment, no.

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Ok, thanks for replying.

Quick question: have you considered using a parameter instead of a filter?

Well yes but it has some fundamental changes: it’s slower with slow queries (our bread and butter with redash), and has limitations with sharing/embedding (as I understand it text parameters are not embeddable and most of our where columns are text).

This makes sense. One possible workaround for slower queries: use the query results data source to proxy longer-running queries. Then use the cached_query_xxxxx syntax (see the Cached Queries header on this page).

This is true at the moment but not forever. Support for text in embed parameters is pretty high on the development timeline.

Using cached results is actually a good idea! It increases the complexity of maintaining queries, but it’s a solution.
Hoping eagerly for embedded text parameters…

I’m just making sure there is no confusion here: you do know that you can use text dropdown parameters even in shared dashboards and embeds?

Hi @arikfr . No I did not know that. Been following through github so I don’t have hands on knowledge of how things work today. That’s good to know.

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