Thanks for making Redash! It is a great tool!

We use Redash (v3.0.0) a lot. Now that GDPR is coming in EU, my employer wants to better control where our data is located. One surprising place we found old data lying around was the query_results table in redash database.

We have some query results going back two years.

As I read the code, I understand redash periodically cleans up query results older than 7 days that are no longer referred to by any queries in the queries table.

All the old query results we have are referred to by some queries. Some of them have TRUE in the is_archived column, some have FALSE.

I have not found any way to delete queries in the user interface, so I am unsure how old query results are supposed to be deleted from the database.

Should an admin go into the database and delete old unused queries? (Then Redash’s next cleanup run would discover unreferenced query results and delete them)

What do you recommend?