Deprecating the Redash Slack bot

The official Redash Slack bot is a piece of legacy software that requires significant refactoring to use newer Slack APIs which will improve its operation and make it more extendable. In the four years since its inception, the current bot has functioned as-designed. But it depends on deprecated APIs which now make it impossible to add the bot to new workspaces. It’s time to sunset it and write a replacement.

Starting today, we removed the “Add to Workspace” button from We will disable the bot entirely on 1 July 2021. It’s possible you can use yamitzky/redashbot as an interim solution until we introduce a replacement, although we haven’t tested it yet.

Going forward, we invite you to collaborate with us on building this functionality into Redash rather than hosting it as a separate service. By incorporating the bot directly into our open source codebase we hope it can benefit from ongoing support and community contributions, as well as solve issues around networking and firewalls with the current bot.