Dev mode starting worker

Issue Summary

In dev mode, I use this command to start workers as per the guide.
bin/run celery worker --app=redash.worker --beat -Qscheduled_queries,queries,celery,schemas -c2

it definitely appears to work in most cases however don’t see anything making
it into events table. When I digged a little into the code, saw recent changes to push
changes via rq instead of celery task. Does that mean I have to start
workers using this command - ./ rq worker scheduled_queries queries celery schemas ?

That isn’t working either. Could anyone please help.

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: v9
  • Browser/OS: Opera/CentOS7
  • How did you install Redash: using the guide

figured, that newer version needs these to start:
bin/run celery worker --app=redash.worker -c2 -Qqueries,scheduled_queries -linfo --max-tasks-per-child=10 -Ofair #starts celery task manager
./ rq worker schemas default

Thanks @phlash-zero. The docs haven’t been updated for RQ yet as we’re still working out the kinks. The master branch is currently in early alpha so use caution if you deploy changes to anything resembling production :smile: