Different results/schemas from Redash vs. psql command line tool


So I’m fairly new to both postgres and redash, but I am seeing some behavior that’s baffling to me: I’m seeing different tables, schemas and query results when I’m using the psql command line tool to log into my postgres database than from my redash connection. I have triple checked that the IP address and name of the database are correct for both logins and with both applications I’m logging in as user postgres. Maybe I should create a new user? I’m certainly open to that suggestion.

The postgres database is google cloud hosted and I’ve used a couple different ETL tools to load tables into the database. Some things I’m seeing:

I have a table that was loaded by an ETL tool (Fivetran, I believe, but my memory is fuzzy, I tried a couple) from a CSV that I can see on redash when connected to the database. It is listed in redash as sales.revelsales (which I my mind means its table name is revelsales in the schema sales) and if I do “SELECT count(*) from sales.revelsales;” I get back 417,000. If I use the same query when logged into psql I get “ERROR: relation “sales.revelsales” does not exist”.

I manually created a table called revel2018 using psql and used the COPY function to load the rows of a CSV into the table. In the command line tool, if I do “SELECT count(*) from revel2018;” I get 823,000. From redash, using the same query I get a count of 0.

I have no idea what’s going on.


This is very strange. Are you sure you committed the changes you made in psql after running COPY?