Is there a way to disable schema refresh across Redash or by data source? For some sources like Snowflake, these queries end up costing money and we would rather control it ourselves as needed.


We should probably add some UI for this, as this is a common request for Snowflake users.

But in the meantime, you can add this data source to schema refresh blacklist. You need to add its ID (the number in the URL) to a Redis list object named data_sources:schema:blacklist.

How to access Redis CLI depends on how you setup Redash.

Ok, thanks. We’re using the hosted version so do we need to wait in that case?

Oh! In that case it’s even simpler, just ping us via support and we will take care of this :slight_smile:

Just click on the ? icon in the navbar.


Snowflake has SHOW TABLES and SHOW COLUMNS which will return the schema without using any warehouse time. All metadata queries are fast and free since they don’t scan data or startup a warehouse.

From can I assume it is now a SET and not a LIST?


Do you happen to know how to add a data source to this list/set?
I’m self-hosting Redash via the docker-compose stack.

Thank you very much