Disable embed and download for users?

Hi there,

For regulation purposes, we would like to make sure that no one is able to neither create a public link nor download CSV or Excel.

Is there a way to do this?


We did the same thing. There is not easy way to do this. You will have to fork redash and create your implementation. You can create a new method which checks if public access should be given by taking it’s value form an env variable and then applying that permission method to the component. If possible make it a feature and contribute upstream :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply, Shitij! Just wondering, you said you did the same thing and had forked before. Do you mind sharing the link to the fork (I would assume this is public)?

And out of curiosity, what is stopping you contributing upstream?

We have made changes but they are pretty company specific. We would need some refractoring and testing to make it public and currently it’s not possible. But that’s the end goal for us.

If that helps. A bunch of other changes here too. Also some of them are quick hacks so do test them out

Great! Thanks for this, maybe this could be a starting point to us too. I will let you know if we can push this and only pick the ones that allows us to disable the embed and download first before applying other changes. (Seems like there are a lot of other changes too in there :smiley:)