Display Boxplot From Precalculated Values?



I was wondering if there is a way to show a boxplot from precalculated values?

So instead of using Redash to create a boxplot from 10 million values, I would precalculate the minimum, first quartile,median, third quartile and maximum and just tell Redash to show a boxplot with those values?

This would mean it’s much faster to show the chart, as the calculation has been done beforehand and much less data is transferred over the network.

Any ideas if this is possible right now in way?


I am personally using ClickHouse with a considerable amount of data and having these feature would be great. I guess the issue would be how two represent the outliers. Another issue is that on Clickhouse there are embedded functions to calculate quantiles/percentiles for instance. I don’t know if it that common on other databases.