Display values for Parameters

Some other reporting/dashboard solutions allow for parameters values to have both a “value” and a “display value”. The value is what is passed into the SQL query but the display value is what is shown to the user in the UI, to make it easier to select the appropriate values.

An example of this would be store codes and store names e.g.

Code Store Name

B123 City Centre
A678 High Street
C554 West End

You might want users to select from a list of Store Names but pass the store Code to the underlying query.

It would be great to get similar functionality, for both static list parameters and query based drop-down lists.

Redash does this. It’s mentioned in the Query Parameters doc page:

If your target query returns name and value columns, Redash populates the parameter selection widget with the name column but executes the query with the associated value .

The following video guide includes an example of the behavior too at 7:36.

Excellent! Sorry, I obviously missed that in the documentation. Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: