Distributed Services / High Availability


I’m looking to distribute each component of Redash onto their own set of services/containers and was wondering what is needed to extract the celery worker nodes?

On one of my local tests, the environment variable REDASH_REDIS_URL=redis://localhost/6379/1 is needed for celery. In supervisor, it is essentially running this command:

sudo -u redash REDASH_REDIS_URL=redis://localhost:6379/1 celery worker --app=redash.worker --beat -c2 -Qqueries,celery

Will I need to download the entire source to get the celery components working or is there a minimal amount of files I can package to get this to work?


Are you using the latest Docker containers, based on a recent Dockerfile from the project repo?

The container can be started as a web process or a worker. Redis and PostgreSQL should run in their own containers (or not containers, but external to the Redash containers).