Docker with external Postgres and Redis

We are trying to use the latest Redash docker image from DockerHub with external databases (not on localhost). We were able to create a user and mongodb connection, but when we run a query against a collection it never completes. It keeps printing the following statements:

[2020-03-10 21:25:59,519][PID:20][INFO][metrics] method=GET path=/api/jobs/30a5341a-35e1-48d3-9249-e860a3bbb4ec endpoint=job status=200 content_type=application/json content_length=123 duration=23.00 query_count=2 query_duration=134.17

The database connections strings are set using the following environment variables REDASH_REDIS_URL and REDASH_DATABASE_URL. We are not setting any other environment variables. Any help is appreciated

I am using Redis 5.0.5

I discovered my issue. I was under the impression that running the redash server would spawn the workers and schedulers which it does not. If you want to do this all within one docker file in cases where compose can not be used you can start the worker and scheduler processes in the background