Downgrading from redash 10 to redash 8

I am looking for how to update the database tables in case of downgrading from Redash v10 to Redash v8?

I don’t have an answer on downgrading.

What’s causing this need? If there are issues with V10 I’d like to address them. V8 is three years old at this point…


@jesse We have not faced any issues in Redash v10. Yet we are looking just to know if there is an option to downgrade from Redash latest version to v8 in case if some of our users doesn’t like the latest UI. So that we can revert updated database migration changes and go back safely to v8 in the worst case.

I’m not aware of a safe way to do this, as downgrading would necessarily delete information from your database. I wouldn’t recommend intentionally reverting to a previous release, though, as we don’t support old versions with security fixes etc. For example the three patches we issued for V10 resolved security holes that are still present on V8.

So I’ll reiterate: if there are issues with V8 (including the UX) then we’d like to resolve them rather than have users intentionally cut themselves off from support, new features, etc.

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Probably the only “safe” way would be to create a V8 instance, manually patch the security bugs from v10.1 into it (the ones that affect you), restore the database to it from before the upgrade to v10 (if one exists), and then import any data sources, queries, dashboards, (etc) that were made in your v10 installation since your upgrade.

Needless to say, that’s a bunch of effort. You might instead need to tell the users there’s no reasonable way to go back to version 8. :man_shrugging:


Good points, @justinclift . For the final step

redash-toolbelt can probably help with this.

Agree it’s a lot of effort.

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I agree with the points raised by both of you. Yet, when I experimented it’s possible to migrate redash v10 to v9-beta version with no changes required as there are no database modification in redash v9-beta. This provides a way to downgrade back to our users. Yet it won’t be probably needed in most of the cases, but it’s just that we wanted to cover that scenario as well.

As you raised it seems downgrading back to redash v8 requires a lot of effort.

Right. V9 is probably safer but still we’d rather make V10 so good you don’t want to :blush:

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Yep, being sensitive to table structure is very standard. If your application (eg version 100) thinks it’s using a version 100 database structure, but for some reason it’s actually using a database structure for a different version (eg version 150), then it’s assumed things aren’t going to work properly. :smile:

The application needs to be using the database structure it was made for. :smile: