I am using Redash v4.0.1+b4038
Is there a possibility to have download functionality for public Dashboard ?
Once they see the data I don’t see the reason why not to be able to download it. Copy-Paste is always an option, but inappropriate one.


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Year later. No response, any news on this?
'Cause as a new user I’m bumping into the same problem for my users.
Table can only be used when copied and pasted. Would be really easy to have the dots on the public widgets as well, so they can export it to excel file themselves.

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Good Morning

We have installed Redash v7 in our company and we need the functionality to download tables from dashboards. We know the problems with the dashboards and parameters on previous versions, and we want to update to v8, which we have installed locally in develop environment, but we have tested and we do not see this functionality in the new v8 version.
Is there any possibility to download the excel of a table from a dashboard? Why is this option limited on dashboards?


(more updated discussion)

Hi, thanks, but another thread is about embed public query visualizations with parameters, and this one is about public dashboards without any param. Maybe the reason is the same in both cases but I don’t know it.

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