Download Excel, CSV options are disabled in Public Dashboard View


After sharing the dashboard publicly, In the public dashboard, Options button - that has "Downlaod as Excel, Download as CSV " have disappeared.
Why these options are disabled when one can see the data in the dashboard?

Is there any configuration setting to enable that download functionality?

please help us to resolve this.


AFAIK there’s no setting to enable this. It’s just not supported.

Okay, I see another way to share the dashboard is to enable ‘Full Screen’ mode and share the browser url. In this case, is it possible to have a default user logged in always so it won’t redirect for login page and user will have seamless experience when embedded in other internal applications?

I don’t think so.

Redash says in the docs that it’s not meant for this. You can fullscreen the link but any visitor could still navigate freely through the app, run queries etc.