Dremio Connector in Redash

We are attempting to connect Redash to Dremio using a GitHub project (https://github.com/Dezota/DremioDSforRedash). We are running Redash v8 and Dremio 4. We are able to get everything installed and connect to our Dremio instance. We can select the Custom Data Source and it will list the schemas. Where we run into an issue when we try to query we get the following error:

Error running query: annotate_query() takes exactly 1 argument (3 given)

Any guidance the community can provide would be greatly appreciated. Following is a link to the py file we are using : https://github.com/Dezota/DremioDSforRedash/blob/master/dremio_odbc.py


My teammate at Toppr was able to get Dremio working with Redash. Here is his repo. Maybe it helps. https://github.com/udaykrishna/dremio_redash/blob/master/dremio_odbc.py

Thank you. That updated connect worked for our team inside the redash docker deployment.